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Great job guys.

Wasn't able to finish the game because I gave up after trying to beat BOB for about 30 minutes. But I did beat everything else though. I loved the duck character you guys put in every level!
If there's ever an update to this game patching in a skeleton I'll definitely come back to this :)

As for constructive criticism:
- If you died in the maze level near the supermarket you got reset back to the door. The walk back into the maze and having to go through it all again was very tedious. There are two ways to solve this issue.
Solution 1: Move the spawn point into the middle of the maze.
Solution 2: Add a sprint button

I also encountered a bug during my playtime:
I beat the maze (supermarket), then the rabbit chase, and then went to the mystery man. When talking to him the game closed itself. I don't know if this bug is reproducible, but I still wanted to mention it.

Thanks for the feedback, it's super appreciated! Yeah, there's definitely some tedium in the game we could have ideally smoothed out. When specifically did the crash happen for you? I'll get Josef to look into it. 

The crash happened when talking to the first mystery man thar tells you how the mystery man painting works. I talked to him after completing the maze where you had to stand still and the rabbit chase. I also entered but then left the BOB stage without completing it at first.

But again. I don't know if it's reproducable. I also used ALT+Tab to switch out if the game a few times. Maybe that had an influence too.