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Hey, nice pack. I appreciate a lot content creators that make incredible packs, like this one, and share it free. It's a pretty good incentive for people that are starting in this game dev world and don't have much money, even to study. Thanks.

About the AssetForge. It's a software that make easier to get these pieces together? Like, I've tried on Unity and it's a bit... boring ( :v )

Yeah.  Assetforge pieces models together and let's you export them as a scene or complex object.  I think you can use meshmixer and blender to make the exports more efficient for use.  Assetforge is here:  It's about 30 USD at the base price.

I see. Well, don't have the money, I'll handle myself on Unity xD, thanks again.

No problem.  If someone makes a good tool in Unity to put together modular kits like this and supports multiple tiers, let me know!

heads up, learn a basic workflow to import content into blender, assemble and export to unity. It's free and it'll take you a day or so to learn, but it'll literally save you hours each time you need to work with new content.

All the scenes you see were assembled in Assetforge in a few hours.  I put together 4 separate environments.

How can you create such a game

if that's a real question, the answer is that you will need to duckduckgo some tutorials.  Unity has a large community.  Also, there are premade game engines that do most of the work for you like uMMORPG

I use the Progrids unity asset which is an official unity asset to assemble these models into complete gameobjects in unity, it allows snapping to grids of any size.