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Hello, can i use this with Game Maker Studio 2?

I want to try it out before buying your other forest packages on sale. Cheers.

Hi, yes you can use with Game Maker, I didn't tried but this package and the other ones isnt made with an specific engine, you can use in any engine you like :)

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Thanks for reply. I have tried on Game Maker Studio 2. It works and I bought the holiday pack. I have 2 questions.

1.  Can it fit mobile and laptop screen size without getting blur or is there a specific screen size I should be using ?

2. Can I use this to make games, free and commercial? Credits will be given to you.

This is great work . Do you have anything on bamboo, balancing stones and water, sort of a Zen  feel and look?

 Cheers :)

1. This is a thing with the Game Maker Engine, in Unity I have to config the sprites to look pixelated, otherwise would look blurry, so maybe its the same thing with Game Maker.

2. Yes you can use free and commercial!

I don't have any "Zen" background, sorry :(

Thanks! :)