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Thank you so much :D I'm planning for some scenes where the player will have choice in what kind of sex stuff they do. So for example(this may or may not make it in the game!!!) like in sexy part you can either have Gravus suck the main chars dick or the main char sucks Gravus dick.

I have a small demo of something coming soon and I'm really excited about it! It's not day 2 but... Kind of a preview type thing with a couple extra things. You'll see soon!

And for this project, no animation, sorry :( I'm not very good at it and it can take a long time. However next game(or next next game) I plan on having 3d animation. Here's something reeeeally old

My original idea for a 3d dating sim was too ambitious but I'll return to that and make something in 3d(or just a sexy 3d animation? Idk we'll see!)

Thanks again for commenting and the feed back and I really can't wait to have more playable stuff for you(and everyone! You all are so kind, thank you! :D)