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This is looking really good, some nice improvements - nice one Kenney!

Will the "hiding" feature be respected by the exporters too?

I'm mainly thinking of the 2D export to simulate exporting layers (via hiding blocks) that can be reassembled on the engine side from the exported images. 

It would also allow exporting of 2D animation frames, for example:
1) Hiding a whole plane model and exporting a few images of just the propeller rotating.
2) Export the plane without  a propeller.
3) Layer the images back together in the game engine. 
4) When played back you then a full plane with an animated propeller.

This was one of my requested features a long while back, so I really hope it's possible as it would be so useful!

I also really hope you have managed to fix the "visible seams" issue in the 2D exporter as that has been a killer for me using the current version for 2D at all.

Keep up the good work and have a great Xmas and New Year! :)