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Rating the game based on the Judge categories


Battle system is nice enough, although I could not see anything different from the usual ATB yet. The encounters need balance. The first area has that hellhound enemy that hits super hard. It is then followed by two very easy enemies, then by 2 of those hellhounds plus an even bigger one. I was decimated. I tried to reload my save but it gave me a bug. Tried again and the same thing happened, so sadly I could not play too much of it



The character sprites and portraits look really nice, and the 3D maps actually complement them surprisingly well. I feel that the sprites in the battle screen clash with everything else however.

Music was nice and to the point. 

The story up until the point I stopped didn't open up much, but I gotta say that the king is such a bad dude XD

[14/20] -> Doubled to 28


The save bug and the lopsided encounters prevented me from going too far into this game. It also didn't help that the battle system didn't immediately catch me



I could not see enough of the game to say if it has potential, but from what I saw, I think it still needs plenty of polish and a more defining gameplay mechanic


Total: 50/100 (3 Stars)


Thanks for playing our game! Really sorry about the save bug. I'm still trying to work out how to fix it. Were you able to at least see the "twist"? 


I dont think I did. You know what? I am going to try to get further in the game tomorrow (definitely avoiding that encounter with the 3 dogs) and see what happens. Maybe my rating could change