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aww yeah!!! glad to see another update (even tho i haven't comment much on the previous ones....... it's still great to read about these!!). tysm for the key for nusantara winged ones on steam; i don't think i could ever say enough to thank you for all the hard work you put into everything. and 2k+ words!! whoop whoop!! that's amazing considering the most i write in a day is about 1k tops only, minus revisions and all the other good stuff that comes with writing. i played through some of winged ones on steam but finals are this week so i had to put my game playing on a pause to study :0. once this week's over tho i'll definitely finish up all three routes (again lols) and drop a review on steam! i hope you feel better soon, and i look forward to the weekly updates in the future. 👍

Thanks Nagisa! *hugs* and you're welcome! 

There's a lot of revisions and polishing going on Bermuda though ><; I want to make my scriptwriting faster -I mean, you've been waiting for a long time now! I feel bad to keep you waiting! But there is still quite a long way to go before the antagonist route is finished OTL

Good luck with your exams! I know you can do it! C'mon, it's the last thing you need to do before Christmas and New Years vacation!

And don't worry about Steam ^.^- take your time and enjoy the game!