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After almost a month of silence, I am back, and with somewhat interesting discovery: 

What you see above is a ravenous predator, sporting yet another type of "ancient zooid" - the Energy Leech. As its name implies, it is basically the Leech zooid, but it saps energy from opposing siphonophores, dealing next-to-no damage as a trade-off. Due to the similarities to the Leech, the Energy Leech also has the same "latching" effect that allows it to pull enemies that it is attached to closer. The above creature has exploited this by putting a row of spikes in front of its Energy Leeches - lowering the effective range of the Leeches, but making them into close-range grappling hooks that hold on to any enemies attempting to escape from the spikes.

The result is a creature capable of tearing through foes, while making sure that running isn't an option for the enemy. For good measure, the creature also evolved a row of Poison Squirters, in the event the enemy is tough enough to require the use of poison to soften it up.

Finally, the relatively compact size of this creature makes it rather agile - only being out-sped by creatures composed almost entirely of movers, or creatures that are reduced to their "core".

The only thing this predator possibly has to fear is its unfortunately fragile structure zooids being ravaged by ranged weapons...