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Game is alot of fun, played 2 games over a few hours and unlocked all the classes after winning my second run. 

The game seems to hitch during the larger encounters towards the late game, I thought it crashed on me several times during later fights which was scary.

You are probably aware but the artifacts screen bugs out when you get too many of them. Most of the artifacts are pretty pick and forget so it didn't really affect gameplay. 

After some point enemy parties stopped spawning and my notoriety bar seemed to bug out showing that I was way over the cap. Made me feel pretty bad picking the teleport and root spells.

The final fight also seemed very easy but maybe that was because I had completely snowballed at that point. 

Ill have to try out the other classes out later. 

Glad you enjoyed it!

You can definitely run away with the game after the end of the notoriety. I originally didn't think it was possible to get that far and survive, but clever players find some ways. If you get there, you will have no trouble with the final battle for sure. Ideally, there would be a mechanic to push the player to the final battle before they've had time to become incredibly strong, but I never came up with a great solution to that.