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This is one of the coolest things I've played in recent memory.
The robot, Erraldoi 2000, has a very simple design, but has carved a place in my heart.

The info screen was too confusing for my taste yet ironically, figuring out the mechanics through play was a true joy of discovery. Every time I uttered "What does this do again?" was followed by a "woa this is so cool!".
Really fun, would love to see a more refined update; it's a few tweaks away from being a must-play.

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Thank you very much for playing and to take your time to write this comment!! You cant Imagine how awesome is your comment for us! I plan to make a more polished version of this game (with a real level design) but my programmer is too lazy. Sooner or later I will update this game. we have just made a new game for GGJ2019 called RED PANTS.  Check this ;)