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Thanks to YOU! ;)

Thank you very much!

Wow we didn't heard about it, but now we will consider it seriously. It is really important to have realistic goals and datelines.

Yeah the Music of Gonzalo Sardon is pretty awesome, I think that he nailed with this theme. I remember when we called him explaning the idea of the game he sais "Cool! I will use some apocalyptic bells" Hahahaha Yeah the mechanics are fun but the game needs a serious update!


Thank you very much fr your time!!! :D

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Thank you very much TayF. Yeah the concept is need but it needs a real update and better level design. I plan to make an update soon. Meanwhile you can play our new game :

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you very much for playing and to take your time to write this comment!! You cant Imagine how awesome is your comment for us! I plan to make a more polished version of this game (with a real level design) but my programmer is too lazy. Sooner or later I will update this game. we have just made a new game for GGJ2019 called RED PANTS.  Check this ;)

Thank you very much!! :D