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so, whats the difference? i  thought  Knightin' was a demo of a full game .

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This is just a small game made for a contest. I didn't plan to expand it at first. But lots of people all over the internet convinced me to change my mind. Knightin'+ is a sequel that will have a separate demo version. Why don't I want to use this game as a demo? I liked my idea with QR codes containing solutions. But unfortunately most of the gamers disliked it very much. So I removed them in sequel and redesigned the first dungeon. I want this particular game to remain in its original form as a contest entry with QR codes :)

oh, now i understand, thank u for ur time, one last question, the sequel will be larger than Knightin'?

Yes, of course. As you know Knightin' consists of one tiny dungeon. In sequel you'll be able to explore 4 different dungeons (each bigger than the previous).

nice to hear that, i enjoyed a lot the first one. good job!

Thanks! Trying my best :)

nice to see knightin go a long ways since its release in I think 2017-2018?