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A bit of a silly story (commuting to and from work? seriously?)  but a nicely-polished game made even better with controller support!

Kudos to the devs and much love!  Thanks for bringing this to the itchio community!

Is it really a bit of a silly story? Yeah, OK, I suppose it is, but let's be honest, it makes a nice change from defending the world from the nasty space invaders!

I'll download this when I get home... it looks like fun!

What's even sillier is you responded to my comment made ~2 months ago.  There are many ways to have an interesting story without delving into tropes.  That said, while the 'space commute battle' thing is different, that doesn't really mean that it is better.
Might as well not have a story at all and just say 'aliens are there, go kill em' and just give the player that objective like an old school arcade game.