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The writing of the characters speaking and Miya thinking to herself is really natural in depicting how uneasy circular thoughts and moment to moment casual speech can be. The characters are also so blunt and hard-headed that they become super funny with no prior warning. This vn got several laughs out of me, not expecting how silly they get towards each other, or while Miya is monologuing internally. #hadtosayit The music was bittersweet and tugged at my heart and was paired with the visuals in scenes nicely. I liked getting to see the different alternate coloured backgrounds and the story payoff when they appeared. The art is beautifully done with great use of colour and the scene transitions were fun. These character designs and expressions are all so cute. Along with the sfx, the art direction makes the world feel real and tangible. This story featured realistic frustration with one's perceived unchanging self, prospective future, temporary companions, among other things. It was both a comedic and touching read.