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The game is a mix of cool ideas and meh implementation. I liked a lot of things but also found a bunch of other things to be a turn off. For example - I liked the cutscenes and attention to detail when it came to poses. I didn't like the zoomed in effect of the maps, which made the mapping seem much worse than it was (though it wasn't great).

The gameplay consists of running around and collecting watches, but the rest of the game makes it seem like it would be an anime RPG. The writing needs a bit of work when it comes to the grammar and sentence readability - it was hard to understand a lot of what was going on and the pacing seemed really weird. We didn't get a good feel for the character of Lily before she was sent careening into different lands, which was a pity.

I mean, it's a decent enough start and it has some neat ideas behind it but it could have been shown off a lot better. You might also want to see about removing the copyrighted tracks you used in the game. 

I replied in your video. Thanks for your feedback!