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Heyyyyy I went on a VN spree and oh my god. Wow! VN's are usually pretty hit or miss with me, but this one? wow. wow.

anyway, so what caught my attention at first was the UI.  it's the style matches the aesthetic of the actual backgrounds and even the credits.

also, the backgrounds???? yes god??? i know a lot of people like to put photos through a filter, which is pretty reasonable, but these backgrounds were so well done. the colors really popped.

now i just want to talk about the atmosphere, because wow's very aesthetically pleasing, and the effects (such as the cyclic blurring when you see the Cat) were such nice touches, and they didn't feel overbearing at all. the aesthetic doesn't just function as something pretty (although i can appreciate that, haha), but it really helps set the tone as well. the art and and the storybook thing for the play and the sound effects + definitions (and words in red...) come to mind. also the dramatic character portraits with chromatic aberration (so cool). anyway, i like that the aesthetic functions as a tool and not an accessory.

the writing was pretty nice too. i can't think of many other examples off the top of my head, but i do remember one: when Alison was stuttering, she didn't i-in my s-seventh grade f-fanfics..... but she repeated herself, which is another fresh, funky touch that i loved.

the one issue i had was with the save/load system and some of the buttons getting cut off (i think another comment mentioned that, though). anyway about the save/load thing, it always defaults to page 1, and the arrow buttons are kind of small. i'd have preferred it to default to the most recently accessed page, but it's nbd since i got used to it pretty quickly.

anyways, super excited for this game! see yall in 2020!

Hi! Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm very glad you appreciated the aesthetics of the game. (Also, I definitely used to spam all that s-seventh g-g-grade s-stuttering... ahh, memories.)

Regarding the issues you reported, the save/load page refreshing every time was a bug that was fixed in later releases, so hopefully it shouldn't be a problem in the future! I'll also take a look at the cutoff buttons and the smallness of the arrows.

— Luna Chai