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Hi, just checked your game out and I really liked it. To be honest I wanted to play it for quite a while, but never have a time. So... I really liked that a lot of things were clickable, that you could talk with people on the street. And I really liked that this game was not only simple visual novel, but also a game where you could explore and go around Carl's house etc. Also at night Carl's place was pretty creepy and I loved it! And the ending was just perfect. And just to be sure it was the only one possible, right? All in all nice thing to play, thanks and good luck in future projects, cause there will be others, right?

Aw thanks Rainby! Really glad you enjoyed. Sorry it seemed to run a little slow on your computer...not sure what that was. Glad you enjoyed the ending! There is another possible one you can reach much earlier on, but it's no more happier! Thanks for making the video too. There will be more so stay tuned:)!

Okay then, it seems I haven't missed much :) About making video it was my pleasure. And I'll be looking forward your new projects))