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Yeah, it will work off course. We already thinking about it, but a sound trigger will have issues, especially when you play in a noisy room or with other Mr Floppy games near you. But ! it will be really cool to play without any wires or MM.

V2 of Mr. Floppy will be released next week I think, better feedbacks and 3 new levels.


could try noise gate for background, but yeah i see if others play it too, but atm, i think that would be a better solution than the current expectations, cause theirs no way im destorying a floppy, getting some wireing stuff, and a specific board and fuss with wireing it all up just to check out the concept

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True that ! we're working on an "electronic free" version of Mr Floppy. Let's see that in a few weeks :)

sweet, i look forward to making a fun video about it when that happens