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has it been that long? wow. was still a blast to play

i love how on the run red light vs hit wall, people still hit the red light, just screw that guy

i honestly was given the impression this was something about memes and such when i saw the green hand in the thumbnail (i now know is just odd lighting) and what looked like a blunt in his hand, so i had a mindset of dank memes and other stupid internet stuff, but was instead faced with an interesting world full of it's own unique bizarre story, i recommend a play, it should only take an hour or two tops

good going engie, hope your next game gets a little less long winded and alot less self conscious, but it was interesting to see a game take such an interesting direction, and for the record, i went through 2 endings, it just was hard for me to portray the game without spoilers and maintain an interesting specticle for those not playing, especially with my bad reading

well i would have completed the game as i got to the last rocketlauncher but the projectile is very slow compared to the player speed and i swear i suffered a projectile and gun load stutter, so i'd pick it up, get a minor frame drop, shoot, have a hick, and then slow projectile comes out missing the edge i aimed at, or maybe the momentum is transferred from the players relative momentum? i quit out like that more for comedic reaction to the glitching through the gear. i felt some levels had more give for creativity, but others made you have to do something and it was more about completeing it as you already know how to than being efficiency. if you give more room for the player to work with, you'll allow a more casual playerbase aswell and those who are ambitiously inclined will take it to the next level and set records

i was torn with this game, it has a lot of excitement to it, but once realizing i had no actual control of the game, it felt bland, i felt like i was on a train-track, one wrong move from the pre-determined path and i fail. i think my video explains well, keep it up though, just add some freedom :)

sweet, i look forward to making a fun video about it when that happens

could try noise gate for background, but yeah i see if others play it too, but atm, i think that would be a better solution than the current expectations, cause theirs no way im destorying a floppy, getting some wireing stuff, and a specific board and fuss with wireing it all up just to check out the concept

couldn't you code this to listen to the mic, and you calibrate it to the sound of the floppy? i don't think anyone wants to do that wireing or has a makeymakey board

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I really enjoyed this game the character interactions were fun, the art amazing and the execution spot on simple!