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Here are some thoughts on the last update and game in its current condition:

Overall power balance moves in the right direction, although you over-nerfed claws a bit and over-buffed spikes (or is that just my perception tricking me? Spikes seem to be the new "claws" now in terms of power, while claws are something players want to get rid of as soon as they get something else). But overall it's okay, we understand that balancing is tricky.

Energy leech and sniper zooids are perfectly functional and balanced now, but muck isn't. I won't complain that it slows you down just as it slows enemies down - it seems to be designed not for a chase but for a disengage. But perhaps it shouldn't slow down projectiles like launched thorns, spikes and the muck blobs themselves? Kinda weird that muck helps to keep distance, but at the same time makes your ranged attacks useless.

Jet movement zooid seems to be inferior to rattler or turbine, or does it actually have more forward speed than these two? Perhaps it needs more forward speed to stay unique but viable.

Poison attack seems to be inferior to poison mine due to similar effects but advanced mechanics of mines. To make them more unique, and equally viable I would advice to make poison's poison more... poisonous, in relation to poison mine, while giving a mine some instant impact damage and reduce it's poison damage. In other words, make mines more about explosion damage on impact with little poisoning  and let poison spewers be best at poisoning.

Leech combat zooid is weirdly balanced. This one is tought, though, because it is currently too weak to play with (relatively low damage, I would better kill an enemy fast and eat their dead body to heal than leech them slowly, potentially taking damage in process); but it's also hard to play against due to automatic latching on your zooids and the abundance of enemies that have it. Leech isn't good enough to use it over some melee weapons , but buff it and enemies based on leech will become too dangerous. Perhaps making it cost less energy would allow players to use it effectively in multi-weapon melee builds while not affecting enemy difficulty.

Harpoon. This one is fun but perhaps it could be more effective if it didn't release it's grip so soon (or maybe it should hold onto enemy and drag it to you as long as you hold attack button?). Great idea with a tiny flaw that makes it less useful.

Now, speaking of levels... Have I said that they look fantastic, including new ones and the ones that were retextured? I think I had, but I can say it again. Although, progression speed seems a bit too fast, as I clear a level in a minute or so. Some of the later levels get cleared after 1 or 2 kills, so I only have a few moments to look at level art and map design (yes, I also noticed that maps look more detailed now).

I wonder if there will be more levels with different themes. I understand you are currently working on other stuff like aquarium and tuning game mechanics, so it's not gonna be any time soon, but I honestly was curious how Nodev Facility would look like. I imagined it to be a mechanical-themed level, which would feel fresh, but it seems you decided to scrap this idea for the time being. I also assume that drawing all the sprites takes a lot of time and effort.

Speaking of more levels, what about Advena Crown of Thorns boss? Was it cut because there are not enough levels to fit all the bosses? I only see it occasionally on free roam level...

PS:  - can't argue with that, but why is there even a choice if it can only be fantastic? :D