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Something is not right here...

From your rules:

 3. Melon Gaming reserves the right to publish all games made by participants to the Facebook Instant Games platform and the platform chosen by Melon Gaming.

 5. All uploads (code, assets, executables, etc.) are licensed under Melon gaming.

 8. You must share any codes or assets used for creating the game, that you’re legally owned without breaking any other legal agreement.

 9. The games must not feature any brand names or trade mark other than sponsor’s trademark.

So, as I understand it:

You want participants to make games for you, games that you'll use commercially, without paying them, except a few winners. And you obviously hope to get much more then prizes cost. And as I understand, you will publish ALL games, not only winners. And participants probably will have to pay for artists or something like that with their own money. You also grab all codes and other intellectual work for yourself, though you don't do anything to make them. Maybe a participant will invent some new approach and won't want to give it away just for a thank you?  None of other known engine developers have such demands. And you even forbid participants to place their own trademarks or names, to show it were them who did it. 

No right for the game made my me, no right to advertise myself in game made by me, no guaranteed pay, no part of revenue, no royalties, nothing. 

Question arises - if someone can make a game that will bring profit, why he or she would ever bother with agreement like yours?

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Hi, DireBoarGames, thank you for your feedback and critical observation on our rules.

We would like to clarify a few things regarding your comments, since there seems to be some misunderstandings:

1. We want to make it perfectly clear that our main intention in making this game development competition is to provide a platform for game developers around the world to unleash their creativity and showcase their creations, while also introducing our game engine, MelonJS, to the public.

Please note that our company’s main mission is to help game developers to create games faster and easier in the HTML5 platform, which is why we created MelonJS as the solution. We do not have any malicious intent, since by joining the competition, participants will get the chance to learn and be introduced to a new game engine, while also getting the chance to win a prize and long-term revenue.  


2.  It is NEVER our intention to reap unjust profits from the participants or take advantage of them, as we will NOT be publishing ALL games that are submitted to us.

We will only be publishing selected games that we have filtered and we think are qualified to be published. And—referring to the “long-term revenue” we stated in point 1—if your game is qualified to be published, we will share 50% of total revenue from the game to the creator. (The agreement regarding the revenue sharing is stated in the registration form  here )


3. By the end of the judging process, if your game is not chosen to be published, all the rights to your games will be given back to you.

So, based on our clarification above, every participant will get the chance to earn profit and long-term revenue from their games if their games are qualified to be published by us, and, that being said, we will not be taking any profit from the games that are not qualified to be published.

Thank you for your attention, and have a nice day.

In that case, you should probably update your competition rules. I highly doubt I am the only one that understands them that way.

Also, your link to revenue sharing agreement doesn't open.