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I tried to run the Linux version, but nothing happened.

I'm using the latest Manjaro Linux and the latest (25.4.0) version of the program. I downloaded it from the website and installed manually, because the verison from AUR is outdated and Linux users have to install manually the newer versions. Some (a very few, to be honest) games runs fine.

So I look at the files and find out there is a file called "heavensbelow" and it is 74.8 megabyte. That supposed to be the executable, right? I try to manually set it executable (I thought maybe that is the problem, because I run into this with some Linux games.) Turned out I can't set it to executable.

So I grab a hexa editor and opened the file, and turned out the file contains NOTHING just zeros! So the file that the program installs is corrupted. Not the first time this happened! There are a few games that is impossible to play on Linux because of this!

But the strangest thing is, when I download the compressed file from a web browser and unpack it, they are contains the working executable file.

Oh, and it would be very nice to mention in the game description or somewhere, those  who-knows-what-and-never-ever-used-by-anything-else libraries, that we Linux users have to compile and install just to able to run the game.
I can't understand why those libraries are NEVER included in any Linux game, or at least mentioned in the games description what we, Linux users, need to install before we can run the games...