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Rating games using the Judge categories. Just for fun


Pretty fun and solid gameplay. The difficulty felt fair without being too easy or hard. The mechanics of the different weapons were pretty cool and easy to use (although the coffee seemed pretty useless to me).

One issue I have with the gameplay is that the man wouldn't respond to the movement command at times, and I wasn't sure why. I thought that was what "recovery time" meant in the upgrades, but I quickly learned that referred to the weapon cooldowns. In any case, it felt unresponsive a few times too many.

Enemy variety was a problem too. The next new enemy was just a bigger version of the previous one.

I still liked it. One of the most stable and concise games in terms of gameplay in this contest

[17/20] -> Doubled to 34


Cute graphics. I really liked the comic book style of the intro sequence. Music and sound effects were spot on. It all felt a little stiff in terms of animation however

Story was really simple, but that is not really an issue for a game like this



This kept me going. The upgrade and rewards are well paced and you always feel more powerful after each day. The movement unresponsiveness is a pain point however, if a player loses because of it, they could be driven away



Solid game, but I feel this needs something else added to the core for me to say it could fare super well commercially with added content and polish. I think there is a lot of potential in the weapon mechanics you made, so perhaps that could be the way, or maybe you already have some ideas of your own


Total: 78/100 (4 Stars)