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There are definitely a few bugs. I got stuck while moving from stage 1 to stage 2 because I was moving forward using the space bar instead of my mouse. I do really like how you are actually able to fix the code in stage 2 though. That was really cool!!! I'd suggest adding a "hint" feature of some sort in case people get stuck instead of having a separate walkthrough. You also may want to add a photosensitive epilepsy warning to the beginning. Overall, cool art, fun and challenging puzzles, and a very intriguing storyline. I look forward to seeing a completed version of this!!! (Please give full version I need to see the rest of the story!!!)

Thanks for the feedback, leapingdeer! We will look into the issues that you brought up :) I'm glad you enjoyed it and we have many more ideas in mind for interesting puzzles that we want to make a reality!