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I enjoyed the game and played through to the end scenes. Nice sense of mystery in the beginning with weirdness at the end. Overall, I felt like I was progressing through a Lovecraft story in the beginning and the ending reminded me of Richard Corben’s Den.

Some specifics

  • I liked the map
  • I would like to be able to type just “north” instead of having to type “go north”
  • I didn’t like being restricted to being able to have only 4 items in my inventory
  • The descriptions are well written and comprehensive but I think they could be rewritten to tighten them up and make them  more concise.
  • More proofreading is needed since there were numerous spelling errors (“charcture”, “writen”, “trys” instead of “tries”, “pannles” instead of “panels”, “anong”, “ables and equipment”, “soutwest”). James is also not capitalized in several places.
  • I didn’t get a letter ending (A, B, C,...) after going through the disk, just Resume/Restart. Also, when I die it says “You are die”
  • I didn’t care for the font
  • I found the rain/lightning animation behind the scenes distracting. But maybe if you added sound effects?
  • I would have liked a save feature
  • I didn’t really care about the RPG elements, i.e. Not Doing Great, and I avoided all battles where I could
  • I think Available Actions is sort of nice but I thought clicking on them would do more than just display text
  • The initial interaction with sculpture is a bit kludgy but I did like the visual representations of the buttons

Thank you for the feedback!