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I have been unable to replicate the crash in this report. Can you tell me what browser and operating system you were using when this crash happened?

I think this is due to the way I have resolution set up. I will try to correct this with an update. Very sorry.

This was an issue with me exporting it incorrectly after the last update. Im so sorry for that. I just tested it and it should work now.

Apologies for the limited parser. This is my first attempt at programing anything at all and being mostly self taught, I was limited in my knowledge to do complex things.

Once the jam is over I will try to update the parser to add quality of life fixes such as not having to type "go" to move(only using "north",  "south,  ect.) and adding options for different fonts.

I have released an updated version that does fix some issues with the weapons as well as the typos(broose will be explored in the next game. (Its a bear/goose combo.)) Also knick knacks is correct according to google but maybe that's just the american spelling.

Also for the generator room, I addressed a fix I will do after the jam in another comment. To get past it: you need to get the key card from James' room and use it on the generator. That will cause a control panel to light up allowing you to use the "INTERACT" with it. This will let you progress to the next section of the game.

Sorry for the issues you encountered while playing. I will try to address these in future updates and projects.

I have released and updated version that fixes the bug with using the "USE" command on weapon type Items(the machete and other weapons). I have also gone through and fixed all(I hope) of the typos.

I am aware of the issues with the generator in James' Workshop. I tried to do more in one room than the engine was initially designed to do. Being my first attempt at programming, I made some silly mistakes. I have a simple solution but it would require me to add a separate generator room and I don't think the rules allow for adding any new content, so that fix will have to come after the jam.

I appreciate your feedback on my game!

Thank you for the feedback!

I have fixed the bug so the game should now be able to be finished. Thanks for the detailed bug report!