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expanding on the game with 3 more mech bosses, plus a couple run and gun stages with Katy outside her mech, was definitely something I've considered. though, if that happens, it'll probably be pretty far in the future. I totally burned myself out on this game with how intensely I worked on it during the 2 months of the jam, plus some extra personal drama that happened alongside it, ahaha...

that said, I will definitely try to get those story scenes done as well as some hefty balancing efforts in on Madeline, though it'll probably be taking a little bit of a backseat in priority to another game that I had already been working on since before the jam

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I'm not at all surprised you burned yourself out, considering how much is there already! You've got one hell of a game here already, and I will be replaying it, regardless of updates. It feels like you've got such a good framework here that I'd really love to see a larger finished product that i could throw money at. Just sayin' ;). But take all the time you need, it can't have been easy