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Really enjoyed this aesthetic. Your use of the tiles was appropriate, and the steam weather effect really lent itself to the overall atmosphere.  The text was difficult to get through at times, though I assumed this was a language barrier issue. It really wasn't bad enough to take away from the storyline though. I did find a slight passability issue in the "working girl" building, where you are able to get onto the stairs from the right side and bypass the event beneath them. There were also some instances where I was merged with the furniture in some areas, but again, not a huge issue.

I was enjoying the idea of an investigative game, especially playing as a child. Very unique. Unfortunately, I did experience a game crashing bug when leaving the bar after talking to the bitter, one-eyed Guardian. I have attached the Let's Play for everything up to that point, so you can see the error that occurred. I did try and go back and play through again later, but experienced the same problem.

I would love to try this out once it is perfected, as the premise is interesting and I'd love to see what happens! I especially liked the timer, as it really forces you to pursue the case and better helps to place you in the story.  Not a bad submission. Good luck in the contest!

Thanks for reporting the bug, you're sadly the first person to catch this so it totally went by unnoticed. If you try out the game again, you can actually do everything that you did, as long as the timer is above 30 minutes you can get beat up by Rosalind like here to get past it but getting beat up reduces your timer by 5 minutes anyway. Getting beat up by Rosalind is not required for beating the game.