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ok let’s break this mother down...

1. I disagree with the last dude. Maps were solid. Brought me back to the old school jrpg days and I guess if you are looking for that well you got that. I like it but I get it’s an opinion. I wouldn’t add more to them though. Some I feel can seem a bit cluttered but I think it fits the whole feel well, but like I said I get this is opinion based. 

2. I personally wasn’t a fan of all the music. I like the town stuff... that city what was is flathiseaus? Sorry spelling... anyway I like the music there. Wasn’t a fan of the battle music in the training area. Seemed a bit too futeristic. 

3. Story was solid. Abh... main girl, sorry some of your names are hard to spell. Like them but god are they difficult... yeah so main girl liked her a lot. Owin was an ass but I think that’s what you were going for. Ellysa, well I didn’t get an enough of a feel for her yet but I like what I see so far.  I’m interested to see which direction you take after that cliffhanger at the end.

4. Like the battle system. I think it shakes up the old school jrpg feel enough to make it seem unique and not boring. Seems like it could get super complicated really quickly though so interested to see how you build on this. 

5. I know this is probably going to be controversial but I’m actually not a fan of the menu. It’s nicely designed but I feel I’m certain areas it can be a bit cluncky at times like no need for the character status in the menu when you have a character book... imo. 

Aside from all that the game was really enjoyable. Felt sad when it ended but I know it was just a demo. Story got me hooked and I wanna know who that evil looking dude is at the end! 

Thank you so much for the feedback and for taking the time to play my game :)