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So after tinkering around with the game for a bit, I have some opinions I can share.

The character creator is a nice touch.  As said in other comments, a default preset would have been nice.

Gameplay feels solid from what I played of it so far.  The combat wheel for basic attacks isn't something I've seen before, and it's a really nice unique addition to the game.  I could see room for expansion on other attacks.  Also a point mentioned in another comment, blocking feels weird.  Half the time I forget it (which is my problem), but it does seem like the timing is too strict for it.  I couldn't get it to work after the tutorial.  Maybe I'm just bad.  Who knows?

The exploration is open-ended, which is both a boon and a detriment.  It's nice to explore wherever and whenever you want, but I got lost easily after trying to go to the mountains for mining.  I eavesdropped on the conversation, but I don't know what I was supposed to do there.

And finally, my biggest thought, PERMADEATH.  WHY????  This is more of a blanket statement, but I hate the idea of permadeath.  It's the biggest reason why I'm not attracted to games like Fire Emblem and Yoshi's Story (I think it was that Yoshi game.  One of them, at least), but I digress.  Objectively, it seems to be used well.  If you die, one of the students becomes the new master.  Seems fair, and is a good reason to keep training whoever you can.  Subjectively, however, that's the reason why the game lost me.  After dying and losing my character I was invested in, I was immediately disenchanted.  I tried reloading after death, but the cutscene still played and I lost my character.  Sorry.  I'm a pansy, I know.  One thing I would suggest is to have an option where you can choose at the beginning to have a casual/hardcore mode, where the casual mode doesn't have permadeath.  Maybe I'm being too harsh by fixating on a single mechanic I don't like, but I thought I should give my full thoughts.  

Final verdict:  Overall, a well done product that would be interesting to see grow and improve, and to the right person, could be a very appealing game.  However, it's not for me because permadeath.  If in future updates there was a way to toggle it on or off, I would absolutely give it another fair chance, but right now, it's tarnished my opinion.

Thanks for your review and thoughts! You are right on the nose, both exploration and permadeath are key components of this game :3
I do really like your idea of having a casual/hardcore mode... as a roguelite the difficulty and likelyhood of dying (especially when you first start) is part of the core of the game, as the idea is that you when you die, you pass things on to your student and things might be better/easier for them. With that said though, like you, it's not everbody's cup of tea, so I think having a casual mode where things will be a bit easier and the character you lovingly made doesn't die forever is a great idea and makes it more accessible for people who are more into the RPG and less into the Roguelite. So thanks for your thoughts, I'm definitely going to implement that, and thanks for taking the time to play and write everything out. After the Jam is over and it's been updated, I'll let you know so you can try it out again :)