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Welll played and beat it sooo, here is my opinion:

1) I love the art in the battles but the scenarios can have some work (i don´t mean a LOT but a little of assets on the floor, some props, and some "info npcs").

2) I loved the selection of music, specially the battle with death, that one was a lot of fun to pla yagainst and to hear... And i kinda like how weird and fusion like some of the music is...

3) I kinda like more "gamplay" to the gaeplay outside of dodging, like attacking the guy or some items....nothing too fancy.

4) I loved the energy system of this game, it s make mistakes a little more forgiving that is usual on this type of genre...Makes the game more accesible wghitout making it too easy...Really good call on this department.

I enjoyed, and i want to play a little more

I don't think you're supposed to attack back,  if you add in a attack mechanism that takes away the musical theme of the game.