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the game isn't opening for me? I'm on a mac book and I tried the show package contents thing but that still doesn't work

I don't think you're supposed to attack back,  if you add in a attack mechanism that takes away the musical theme of the game.

I downloaded this game during school today instead of doing my classwork and I gotta say, I absolutely loved it. The fairytale aesthetic mixed with musical gameplay was amazing. I was blown away when I started playing. The only problem I had with this game was the weird random encounter at the incinerator, it was a fun battle but it came out of nowhere and left me confused. It might be cleared in full game, and other than that I had a blast playing this game and I can't wait till the full game is released. 

oh okay thank you!

I don't understand this game, what exactly am I supposed to be doing?

Oh okay, thank you!

Will there ever be a version to play on a mac?