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Hey Jamie, you created a great tool that significantly boosts my productivity.
I have a couple of suggestions:

  • maybe small but to me it's important: please do not consume left mouse button presses when the user actually tries to rotate the camera, i.e. when ALT is pressed. When in Mesh Edit or Tile Edit, I can not rotate the camera as I am used to but have to deselect the mesh first.
  • support for adding a normal-map texture to the tileset would certainly add an enormous value for those, who use lighting in their scenes. I already like the effect of pixelart with normal maps in 2D tilesets so it would be awesome if you added support for that. Maybe add an option to provide normal maps in the Window->Tilesets dialog with another option to select the Shader kind (eg. Unlit or Standard). Currently it seems impractical to manually add normal maps because the tileset dialog overrides certain settings when re-applying after I edited the tileset in GIMP.

Thanks! I'm really glad the tool is helping.

Oh, I'd actually never realised you could Alt+LMB to rotate the camera! I've always been using RMB, which works in those modes but not when you click on the mesh itself. I'll see what I can do about using Alt+LMB as well, having inputs eaten is really frustrating.

I'd like to add more material settings to the editor but that's going to take a while, it would be great to have full control over those properties inside Mesh Edit so I'll take a look.

Thanks for the feedback!