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Not too shabby so far! I like the character designs, really fun stuff. 

I feel like the story is rushing itself a little bit at times, but I realize it's still early in development so anything could happen. Had to go through a second time to figure out why he was changing colors, since the whole "I'm not sure how it works in this world" kinda threw me off and confused me as to what was going on. If I hadn't read the game description here on itch, I wouldn't have recognized that he was talking about having been transported to this new world and taken on someone else's body. 

But as it stands, references to talking about "what this guy did to his body" to get the scars, how winter foxes biology works "in this world" etc. are a bit confusing. Not sure if there's gonna be a flashback later to explain what's going on or if additional content is supposed to go before all this, but I guess time will tell. Good work though, I'm anxious to see where you take this :)

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I guess I really gotta see it from the readers perspective really, it is hard to understand without contexts. So,  thank you for telling me that! Everything is suppose to be explained later in episode 1 :)