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Thank you! I'll be sure to get the episodes done as soon as possible <3

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Thank you! This comment made me feel motivated to continue >:D

Well, I can't wait to introduce all the characters to everyone! Although it's a slow process

Thank you for your patience, I appreciate it :)

In exchange I'll give you a good news, I plan to release both episode 3 and 4 at the same time. it's coming soon, I promise!

Thanks the story only get better from there, trust me! 

As for discord...I don't know, I never really thought anyone would be that interested with this visual novel, but possibly? We'll just have to see :)

It was weekly before...but now, I feel like doing it monthly fits my schedule better :)

I wonder who... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Will do! <3

Oh! I may know the reason to that problem. Sorry for the mistake, I'll work on it as soon as I can. Deepest apologies! <3

*finger guns* <3



Okay... Okay... I'm gonna be straightforward with this one...I truly did not expect this vn to be THIS good. Even tho it is still in it's early builds, it still manage to make me laugh and wonder about the story. The story about humans and otherkin not getting along is really interesting. I personally liked hearing the backstories of the characters tbh, it captures how traumatic the past had been for the characters...(Next one,  Andy's backstory pls) Speaking of this gleaming sunlight, Truthfully Deejay, I was embarrassed having Andy as a friend in the first part of the vn. But he turned out to be the most outgoing, supportive, and a FREAKING boss! He later turned to being my most favourite character in this vn. Good luck with this one, really,  REALLY excited to know more! <3

Yeah, drawing nsfw scenes would make me unconfortable tbh :/

YESH! <3


yea! d=(´▽`)=b

( • ̀ω•́ )

Never Imagined Ross being a big asset of this vn lmao

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That is an impressively well-thought-out theory! <3

I AM GENUINELY GLAD,  NO,  HAPPY! Know what?  No words can express my happiness. Thank you so much for taking your time to check out my silly vn! <3


Ahhhhh! I'm sorry! No. You're not dumb, the pictures are the demo. when you hit start, the "game" starts. The "game" is still in progress, currently I only manage to make the prologue. To access the demo,  or to kinda understand the vibe this vn brings, the demo is in the chapters menu. So sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully,  you can find enjoyment in this vn! <3

ASJKSJKJSKJJSJJS THANK YOU!!  I have to agree with you,  Good music makes a great vn.  I wanted to make it on my own,  however I'm not talented enough...maybe in the future who knows. For now, I'll see what I can do. But yes,  music is something I want to add into this vn :)

AKSJSKJSKSJSKSJ THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENCOURAGING SUPPORT! I m-mean... Ahem,  Appreciate the comment! Please inform me if anything happened, ok? 



Thank you for understanding! ^-^

Me too!

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Yeah, same!

he's a big one, isn't he? :p

Thank you for your reponse! Yeah,  I intended to make everyone there a bit..mysterious? The demo was supposed to capture their everyday life. Not many infos are shown to better illustrate them, but all of that will be revealed later as the story progresses,  like you said :D

The script was written very late at night so it would make sense why... Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you!  :D

Aww! Thank you! Love the enthusiasm! I'll try my best to update the game, but there are still unfinished works that needed to be done before the stories begin... So, please be patient,  appreciate the comment! 

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I guess I really gotta see it from the readers perspective really, it is hard to understand without contexts. So,  thank you for telling me that! Everything is suppose to be explained later in episode 1 :)

Thank you!

I appreciate the reply! Glad to know that you're enjoying it, I'll try my best to improve the rest and release chapter 1 as fast as I can. Thanks for the reply!