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Among Old Trees is a scenario for Shudderspeed with a unique twist: certain spirits can only be banished by taking a photo of them with the appropriate filter on your camera.

The PDF is one page, with some nice visual editing that makes a murky forest backdrop for the white text. It's very readable, and it kinda encourages you to stare deep into the picture.

Contents-wise, there are ten ghosts plus the setting in Among Old Trees, and they all have specific associations with places and objects, as well as lenses needed to banish them.

The module itself doesn't tell you how to figure out the correct lens for each spirit, but it's easy enough for the GM to drop hints, or the players to use any of the other Shudderspeed supplements that provide ways to fish for information (such as Skimming in Snapshot.)

Overall, this is a great location with some cool, appropriate ghosts. Pick it up if you're looking for a Shudderspeed adventure, or if you want some ghosts to drop into the forest of another rpg.


Thank you for your thoughtful comment ❤

And for the game itself