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Picked up PDF and the on demand printing haven't run it yet. I am running into some issues where it could be written clearer. There are some assumptions I've had to make in character creation that were not explained very well. I am assuming each attribute gets added goop pool? Not exactly sure what to do with skill base and skill gain. I have no idea how on p. 38 anthro traits in the example uses 20 points, no idea how many points each evolution trait costs per step. Maybe it's 5? Is that the same for each tree?

Apologies for the confusion! To answer in order:

- Each attribute adds (or subtracts) GOO-P, and it's all totaled up along with the modifier for species.

- Skill Base and Skill Gain aren't dealt with until Step #7 (pg. 54); which is why Step #3 (pg. 12) directs one to only worry about the attribute's value and GOO-P modifier for that step. The others are addressed later.

- The cost of each evolution step is listed both on the relevant pages (pgs. 38-40) and is cumulative (pg. 38); each is generally 2-5 GOO-P. If a step is n/a that means that though some species start with that trait, there's normally no evolution route to it. With the example, a limbless character (i.e. a snake or worm, generally) who wants two humanoid legs has to go along the evolution route to purchase forelimbs (5-GOO-P), quadrupedal (5 GOO-P), semi-bipedal (5 GOO-P), and bipedal (5 GOO-P), which adds up to a total of 20 GOO-P. But a character who wants the Cloaked trait has to pick up Inhuman (2 GOO-P), then Kemonomimi (3 GOO-P), and finally Cloaked (3 GOO-P), for a total of 8 GOO-P.