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After 2 clicks, I thought this would be just a clicker of sorts, so I started just mindlessly pressing the button until I happened to reach the ending. When I read it and found out what was the point of it all, I replayed it and oh god what have I done.

Very simple in presentation, and not much of a game. But regardless, this is a great entry as a very interesting piece of interactive media. I really liked the graphics, which had some sort of old-timey flash style mixed with something that I'd expect to see from The Binding of Isaac. If anything, I applaud it for making me feel bad when my first instinct was to think of it as a "pointless clicker". Given the theme, calling it pointless would mean that one's already dehumanized.

Fantastic entry. I'll send it to my team to see if they'd like to check it out too. So far, you've got a great thumbs up from me. Keep up the good work!