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A lot of work was probably put into the game, but unfortunately almost nothing works. It feels like a very early beta version.

e.g. "0/2 units" are displayed at the bottom left, but although there are 2 units, the left/right arrows don't work to switch between units. OK: Once in a while the arrows work, but only for one run. 

Or the tutorial: hardly any of the actions described work. Either you have to call up a city menu, which you can't find, or you are supposed to choose "found a city" and you can actually find this command! - but of course you can't activate it.

But to sum up: even the first 3 minutes are very disappointing...


Ah, check menu-civilopedia for more tutorials. For that white arrorw, that is your ‘movement points', telling you how many ’steps' can you move in that turn.

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I'm confused by your apparent problems as I've just started playing this too and had no problems at all, the arrows switch between units you haven't seen before and it assumes that you don't want them to do anything if you skip past them... just like Civi|isation does it; as for the tutorial I followed it to the letter and had no problems at all (if anything it was a little too fast but maybe it was because my first city was  far from a lot of stuff it assumed was around *shrug* - I started a random large map so that's on me!

[Edit: Have you played the civi|isation computer games series before? I've as much experience with the board game as the computer game... I don't know how that changes things but the board game interface is... intricate ;) :P


I do not face any of these problems.


No idea what you are on about. Try using Logic...