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Hey, thanks for playing the game Tanox! Your kind words mean a lot to me so I am very glad you enjoyed your experience so far, even with this possible bug in the game. The only thing I can think of that may be happening is that the game is sending the dagger to your Convoy instead of the normal inventory. I thought I had given everybody a pretty ridiculous inventory size, but perhaps you were just able to find a lot of my secrets! If you wouldn't mind checking that for me, I would really appreciate it because if this is in fact a bug, I would like to fix this for future updates once the contest has ended.

Your comment about the UI and UX development has been duly noted. I'll see what I can do moving forward but since I am a solo dev with very little coding experience, I may not be able to do much more to improve these things more than I have. Of course, this is something I can get better at with time too, and a challenge is always great! If you had a specific suggestion here I'd very much enjoy hearing it.

Again, I'm really glad you took the time to play this game and have enjoyed it. Thanks for your feedback and if you get back to me on any of my above questions I'd be very grateful!