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Thank you again for playing~~

It seems a lot of people have been overwhelmed by the number of characters. This is certainly something we'll be looking into for any future builds. While I wasn't expecting familiarity with all the characters right off the bat (each route would narrow in on certain groups of characters more than others), there were a few sentences that expected that knowledge when mentioning where people were going and doing and such in the narrative. I'm glad things got easier as it went on, but this is still a point we're going to be taking into careful consideration. Adding a guide to the menu (which was always something on our minds when we actually implement the friendship system) will be one way - but as the writer, I'll be trying to come up with ways to ease the narration as well.

Slack off is very rough in this build, but I'm glad the mechanics were fun!

Perry seems to have mixed feelings - I'm okay with that. he's going for a hit or miss appeal afterall haha

Ending the demo on the cliffhanger we did was our main aim! I'm glad it made things said earlier click into place. The host's wording (and my own wording in the game summaries) was something I had to watch closely. So the hints were there in retrospect.

Thanks again for playing! I'm excited by the positive feedback so we can move forward with confidence~!