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Time to drop my mini-testament here~:

Like, this ones is ones ofe my favorite stories ever, I love it and enjoy it lots! 

Mi first route was Mitra, had to agree it was such a fluffy route mostly but that it's the charm on his route I gotta say. I can recall how many time I was like "Oh my lighhht~ my heart!" and those were many xD. He kind of remind me to a character I know by far but gezz Mitra sure is a sweet.

The it came Reska, I will admit I feel bad lying but I was really wantes to help him, and see what it was like his route. I have sucha a hard time completing otomes since I normaly stick to one route and leave it there once I get over with the one i choose but the story in general was so catching that I need to know! I have such a hard time since I feel bad for Mitra but will sa it: WORTH IT! I end really amaze by Reska's route > <, love the boy I am touched on my tiny heart, [to this day I debate a bit but suprisingly I end loving Reska's route a bit more than Mitra's]

Then Rama came, I have already got 2 routes and I really was curious what was his story, need to know. They may say curiosity kill the cat but they forget how satisfaction brought it back! I was a bit conflicted with his route, I wanted to help him but sure he is a hard one to deal with [Bless guide bc I was kind of lost many times] Was worth it though, I am glad I play his route to end, That answer many of my little questions that I was really curious for a while. It was great know how he get there and why all was as it was for him on his case, really something!

Th characters side the boys were really amazing love how you develop them and chain all, it was really amazing! 

I may talk on how I get some bad endings but I guess I still got some to try and really I guess there is still a bit left for me around [Let's go and hurt my heart~ (will be fine I have to live for more stories) xD]

In resume love the work you did here, is really wonderful thank you for all so far! The art, the story and all is amazing so thank you for you great work!

It may be random but may I get a steam key too? My email is > <

Thanks again and looking forward to any other story you have there for us! 

Take care and see ya!

Hi RomyAkari/Romy350!

Thank you for giving all 3 bachelors a chance and glad to hear you enjoyed all the routes! ^///^ thank you for loving all my boys *hugs*

Nothing makes me happier than hearing people enjoying and completed all 3 routes <3

And yes! Aside from Mitra's route, the other 2 are quite tricky especially Rama's >< Good to hear the walkthrough helped you to get all the good endings though! 

oh and no problem about the steam key! I'm giving away steam keys until Winged Ones is officially released on Steam ^.^- 

I'll send you one now so keep an eye on your inbox/spam folder!