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Ok, so the game starts with the player dying and being sent to Heaven. However, as there's nothing really to do in Heaven, you decide you'd rather go to Hell instead. In order to move from Heaven to Hell, you decide to do some bad things.

The game could be described as being quite random. In the beginning, it is not exactly clear what you are supposed to do, but the lack of NPCs helps in this aspect. Talking to NPCs mostly advances the story or at least gives you hints on what to do next.

The main strength of this game is probably the somewhat wacky characters. It's probably the first time I've been accompanied by a tree. Too bad the game suffers from misspellings and sometimes unnecessary crude language.

The graphics and sounds are mostly RTP stuff. There are some items I don't recognize, but they go quite well with the chosen style.

The maps are dull, and there is one map that suffers from either bad passability or bad eventing. I'm talking about when you are in Hell and need to push a sleeping angel into a dark pit. The pushing event works alright, but sometimes she just did not move. I'm suspecting there was an invisible event blocking her path.

The ending was somewhat anticlimactic. I'm not sure on how to go on adding to this game, I guess the author is planning on adding some combat or something?

There's certainly some effort put in the game. Too bad the presentation falls a bit short. Might be worth your time if you have thirty minutes to spare with nothing better to do.

Thank for playing.

About pushing angel I made corners impossible to stand for angel, otherwise it could stuck at corners and no pulling. There are also 2 or 3 invisible moving events and they're bacteria and virus. As one of NPCs point be careful not to step on them.

Ending and god's origin changed to have a peaceful ending cause I didn't have time for battles.