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So, first thing: the mechanics in this project seem really well thought out, and there is clearly quite a bit of effort invested in the shop system, the equipment options, and the altar's methodology. I liked the way you could engage with Brayson in so many unique ways, and that you made use of a crafting system within the shop. Also liked the convenience of being able to equip directly from the shop window. VERY cool. You made use of default resources in a way that didn't seem too forced or lacking in imagination, and that is not often found when utilizing the RTP. 

That being said, the combat system, while engaging, only remained so for a little while. Though there were different creatures to encounter, their attacks were all the same and became somewhat predictable and tiresome.  I did like your CP Charge concept (I chose Fists as my weapon), and it was wonderful to have abilities that allowed me to recharge that. I did also like the storytelling aspect of the combat, such as when battling the Lich. 

Ergomett's healing was a cool touch, and it was interesting how the environment she was in started to grow vegetation after bringing her flowers.  The healing, however, seemed to be the only way I could restore my HP, and even then it really wasn't very much. I eventually reached a map that I couldn't even get across because there were just too many battles, and no way to restore HP before I got to the other side.

Side note: On the map with the poison, where you meet yourself after avoiding the reaper, is there a way to get out of there without a Suicide Pill? There is a tile you are able to get through on the right hand side. It brings you out onto the green path, but there was nowhere to go after that.

I only got through about an hour, as honestly, the lack of any kind of storyline was making it difficult to continue. I know he was unsure of who he was and all that, but there wasn't really anything to go on to keep things moving along. When your game lacks real story elements and focuses almost entirely on battle, you have to make those battles really stand out in order to make up for the lack of story progression. Something MUST continually engage the player, or they will lose interest.

All in all, I think you have a solid baseline here, but you may have shot for far too much in the window of time you had available. Rather than go after so many different mechanics, maybe it would have been best to focus on just the combat, or just the store/crafting system, etc. While each endeavor clearly had a lot of effort, it was all just a bit too much to take in while still holding player interest.

I do hope you continue this project, however, as I'd like to see how it progresses! Thanks for the opportunity to play.


Thank you for your review, sorry I reply this late, was quite busy..

The big map you couldn't get across was the last map I have been working on. I planned to have random events happenings at the small villages you found here and there, but I never got to that point, so it was just one big map sadly..

And yes, the suicide pill was the only way out there: I never had time to finish that map either(it would have taken way too much time, so I figured to finish other stuff haha..). In the final version, You'll be able to talk on the black stuff as well. Forgot to change that to passable, but in the end, that didn't matter anyways.

Again, thank you for your review, it's super helpful! I will continue with this project, I have to. I promised I'd finish it, so I will :)