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I like the art and music a lot and the idea of two people from backgrounds completely alien to one another trying to communicate to solve their problems is a solid one. I get the feeling this is in -very- early stages at the moment though.

Thank you!  I'm not so thrilled with one of the three songs I wrote for this (I think it's fine, but it needs some serious sound leveling: word of advice, never try to write music with a single earbud), and the two songs that I yanked from other projects will be replaced. 

It is EXTREMELY early development.  Instead of trying to throw a concept together, I sat there and made the actual UI and Health framework.  When I had it together, I found I had very little time for anything.

Any sort of visual indication here is better than nothing, strapped for time or not.


 I didn't want to make anything ugly or clashing.  The rating period for last IGMC wasn't a very pleasant experience for me and I didn't want to repeat it.

 I placed a radio tower, but I couldn't figure out what to do after that.

There isn't anything else to do after that.

Side note - if you return to the base, it re-triggers the opening scene again.

Save functionality is required to prevent events from replaying in C#.  The game does not have save functionality, yet.  Psy_wombats told me that I wouldn't be able to establish it for this type of game in the time I had and to simply worry about presenting the game.

When I realized I wasn't going to have much of a game, I just worked as hard as I could to present a coherent concept, which I hope I did.

Again, thank you so much!