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Gave the game a few tries, is much more fun than Light Keeper 1, I particularly enjoyed the different spells to make different builds and the general feeling of protecting a town along with its citizens. And the fact that they can still win the round even without you is great.

Choosing your abilities at the beginning of the round and upgrading them each one is really cool and helps the game feel fresh even after a few tries.

It's fun for a few minutes but I feel the same issues of the first one are present here, is much less annoying but the difficulty spikes are still unbalanced

I mentioned a few suggestions on the video so I will not write them here but moments like the fire rain feels like it wasn't tested at all because it just obliterates everything on the map and if you happen to be fighting a boss while it goes down you are 100% dead, even trough defense buffs and heals.

Overall is a good game with some flaws that can be fixed to have an incredible experience, don't give up and keep the good work!


Hi, thank you so much for playing my little game, I love seeing other people playing my creations and I love it even more when you make videos <3. Balancing is really hard for me, although 90% of the player's strength is the build and upgrades. Like the Purification skill, it is practically mandatory since it is an "infinite" source of healing, it has no cooldown and heals 80-130 at the beginning of the game, and it has another skill that recovers mana periodically, so it's just toggle between the two skills. It also has a skill that removes stun effects and paralyzes surrounding enemies, it's a good survival skill. I had few people to test the game so I ended up not knowing what was very unbalanced, but I believe that an interactive tutorial that appears when the player is low on health and shows that he has an ability that can heal him instantly and with no cooldown, it would be a good idea. Not everyone has the patience to read kkkk. But thanks for playing and for the review, I will definitely be balancing the game more and improving the tutorial, as well as adding more content and trying to differentiate enemies from allies. Thanks again <3