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Okay can I just write some things?

1. I freaking love you, your game, your art, your creativity ! I came here from Queen's Crown and I do not regret it!

2. I played a total of 4 hours and got 3 endings, the normal end, Mitra's good end and Rama's Bad End(Why why whyyyy??!)

3. Favourite guy? It's Mitra. And also the first guy I got when I first played. I don't know how to get Rama's good end nor the Komodo Guy. Looking in the comments, I now know his name is Reksa :')

4. You're adding this to Steam!! May I have a steam key please? Here's my email

5. Read no. 1

6. Rama's story is really sad. 

7. Best birb? Sari


Hi, EddieQue!
Thank you for dropping by and write to me!

1. Aww thank you! I'm very glad to hear you like my art and game >///< gosh, I'm nervous about Queen's Crown since it's my first time doing CGs commission, but you'll surely enjoy Agashi's writing! She's an awesome writer! OuO)b

2. Whoa there, it's alright to slow down, you know? x'D Don't forget to take some rest and eat in between!
Oh, and if you're having some trouble with the routes, here's the link for the walkthrough: 

Just click and drag your mouse over the white space ^.^- I hope it helps!

3. Bwahahah! Reksa's name is unusual so it's normal for you to forget x'D people also sometimes mistype his name into Reska, but I can feel their love for him just fine! Thank you for loving my boys and I hope you'll be able to get all the endings!

4. Sure! I've sent the steam key just now so please check your inbox or spam folder!

5. Oh lol x'D thanks!

6. Yes, his psychology is the most complex of all :'D It's to balance Mitra's fluffy route and Reksa is the 'medium' difficulty with some spices here and there. Oh and I recommend you do Reksa's route for last.

7. Lol, thank you! 

Thanks for coming and I hope you'll be with me on Steam later! x'D