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This... I want to see a lot more of this game!! 🥺

omg everything is so beautiful! I love the text box and characters' sprites... It's so pretty and their expressions are adorable 😭❤️❤️

I did Kisha's route first and I'm so happy with it 😍 The relationship between MC and him is so precious and easy to understand 🥺❤️

The story's pace is also very good to keep you wanting to see more and tHE CG IS TOO MUCH FOR MY HEART!! 😫🙏❤️

Kisha is a sweetheart 🥰 I fell in love with him right away, but in the end of his route I felt like he's going to make me cry a lot in the full game 👀 I can't wait for it lol

I loved this game and I'm very interested to know more about this world and the characters.

Congratulations on the release! I'll be around to see more for sure 🤗❤️


Hi demonbear! Thank you so much for playing OFAF's demo! And hehe glad to know you like Kisha! The pretty text boxes and sprite arts were made by our talented Sprite artist and GUI artist, so yep, thanks to them, and thanks to you for playing!! :D