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Glad you enjoyed playing this game! Yes! I have some fun little plans to do something after the main menu. Some sort of congrats for playing and stuff. Also just in case you were wondering, there is gonna be something cool that you can do outside of these "campaign runs" that should really add a lot of fun to the game.

Thanks for the feedback! Join the discord server if you want a whole lot more updates!

Thanks for replying! Yes I have already joined on discord! 

Umm what is that extra going to be?.....

I will keep following this game development!

*Typo in the last message, i meant there will be something extra after the final boss, not main menu.

Either way, the something extra is a surprise (I do love surprises) and so you are gonna trust me when I add some "super special secret changes".

Thanks for following this game! There is so much I have in store!