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Thanks for reporting the bug! However, I have tried replicating this and cannot seem to do so. I put sand on my island and when I erased it all, the sand went back to the inventory. Could you send a screenshot or provide more details so that I can fix the problem.

Thanks a ton!


I have to say i could not find the bug anymore bcs i died in that point so i think it has to do with the change between versions and the new one. When you start a new game it does not happend anymore. I have to also say that i won the game in like 30 minutes due to a trick that i think you might want to know now with new new update and the changes in the movements. Now you can kill any enemy (in realm 3 and above) just by  flying up to the very top, waitng to the enemy to reach you and the falling to the bottom line. If you do this the enemy will probably follow you (and if you are fast enought and have enought propulsion) you can stop above the line but the enemy wil fall bellow it. That way you will be able to end the game without firing a single bullet. It is kind of a pasifist route to follow-

Hmm. That strategy does seem to be a bit overpowered. Let me see what I can do to tweak that.